Social Sessions is a collaboration of Candice and Zoe, a social media brain and a digital design brain. They have teamed up to bring you experiential workshops that fuse these two branding and marketing disciplines in a simple and understandable way, so that you can use these elements in building your personal/business brand online.

Candice Kropf

Social Media Specialist | Owner, Social Ideas | Adventurer | Horse-parent


Candice is the founder of Social Ideas, a boutique social media agency. With vast experience in the corporate market, Candice saw an opportunity to educate others on the power of social media. Social Ideas aims to enable the intelligent use of social media and teach others how to use online marketing tools effectively. Candice specialises in using her knowledge and translating it into practical and effective social media solutions for her clients.

She is a blogger, pinner, tweeter, Facebooker, Instagrammer… the list goes on. Passionately social and fiercely independent – she’s often difficult to catch, but can often be found on the top of a mountain in the Cape. She is also part-geek and occasionally writes for Tech Girl.


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Zoë Saayman

Art Director/Graphic Designer | Owner, Zoe Inc |Coconut addict | Day-dream believer


Zoe runs a boutique design and communications studio, Zoe Inc. Armed with a degree in Brand Communication from Vega Advertising School, specialising in Art Direction, she gained vast experience in Advertising/Marketing and Retail Design. For Zoe there is no sweeter challenge than finding the light in the core of your brand for it to shine.

Solutions-based Zoe is driven by beauty, passion, kindness, inspiring people, and different thought. She is passionate about design, creativity and botanical watercolour illustrations. She’s a little old-fashioned, loves horses and dreams of one day having a little farm in Africa (half sea/half forest where its summer all year round). She is currently colour-crushing on pastel mint.


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Knowing and believing in the importance of having a strong brand presence in a very competitive digital community, Zoe and Candice teamed up and created an explosive 2-day workshop with the aim of providing tools for people wanting to excel with social media and their online brand.